Second Annual Conference ‘Lifestyle as Medicine’

On Wednesday 21 Nov 2018, the NILG organized the Second Annual Conference ‘Lifestyle as Medicine’. We welcomed 200 participants on this day, full of inspiring talks, lots of networking and interesting discussions.

On this page you can find links to the program and the abstracts of the talks and the presentations. Also, you can get an impression of the day through the videos and photos.

We would like to thank all participants for making the 2nd annual conference a success, and we hope to welcome you again next year at the 3rd annual conference on ‘Lifestyle as Medicine’.

Link to the program

Video’s of the conference

Video impressions of the conference

Reflections on the conference

At the conference, three patients shared their experiences with lifestyle medicine on video and in real life. Click on their videos to watch their messages.

Hanneke Kortekaas has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. By changing her lifestyle the hypertension finally is under control.

Marcel Opstal has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and COPD. By changing his lifestyle, he has been able to drastically reduce the symptoms of these diseases.

Julia, the daughter of Hanneke Joosten, has been living in a closed institution for people with a psychiatric disorder for many years. Thanks to her mother’s relentless efforts to improve her daughter’s lifestyle within the clinic, Julia’s zest for life has increased visibly.

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